Reading: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For the Non-Basic Male

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For the Non-Basic Male

There is no sugar coating it. Holiday shopping kinda sucks. Tis’ the season where Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” is the soundtrack for spiced latte’s and UGG boots storming the malls. The start of the holiday season also means the officially beginning of gift guide season on the internet. We know this won’t be the first or last guide you will be scrolling through. Translation: we’re not going to recommend anything basic. That means whisky glasses, sock of the month club or corny menswear accessory are relegated to the back of the gifting closet until next year. This is a legitimate dope 2016 gift guide for the non-basic man in your life.

Appetites: A Cookbook

If you know someone who wants to curb their takeout habits Anthony Bourdain’s Appetite’s: A Cookbook is a great gift. The cookbook focuses on essential dishes the well-travelled and well-opinionated chef knows you need to cook.  What elevates this recipe book from “The Barefoot Contessa”? These are recipes from Bourdain’s favourite dishes (did we mention he is well-opinionated?). These are the very dishes that you drooled over while watching him eat in exotic locations during No Reservations & Parts Unknown. There is nothing basic about these recipes.  Or photography. Whoever you get this gift for will learn how to properly execute and cook perfect scrambled eggs, to more the extravagant kuching laksa, and  hearty Italian ragu sauce.  As a added bonus the cook book doubles as a dope coffee table book as the illustrations are captured by Ralph Steadman.

Aimé Leon Dore Heavyweight Kanga Hoodie

Most of us can manage the cold weather this time of the year since it’s the holidays. We have Christmas dinners, New Year’s celebrations and Anthony Boudrain’s Mac + Cheese to look forward to. But once the holidays are over, reality sets in, and we realize how fucking cold winter really is in the city. Aimé Leon Dore the NYC based hip as hell menswear brand, has got your back (and head). While a stellar hoodie is a staple in any Canadians wardrobe, this basic is anything but. Their newly released Heavyweight Kanga hoodie is made in Canada with 16 OZ heavyweight french terry fabric. Whoever you gift this to will definitely be wearing it once the the wind chill warning eventually hits.   


Heavyweight kanga hoodie – Link in bio for more info

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Momofuku Cake Truffles Gift Box

We all know the holidays are about eating until you are content and overweight. That being said there is no gift that says “I know nothing about and that probably won’t change” quite like tequila filled chocolates . If you are going to ruin someone’s diet why not give them something that is actually tasty and worth running for? These Momofuku Cake Truffles are worth it. They come in birthday cake, chocolate malt, and pumpkin pie flavour. A gift box of a dozen will only set you back you back sixteen dollars.  Head into the Toronto location and treat yourself as well. 


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Eddie Huang Double Cup Love

Eddie Huang’s first memoir Fresh Off The Boat was a certified hit that discussed how life was for a person of colour growing up in America. Huang’s follow up book Double Cup Love discusses what happens when you go back to your native land and deal with the up’s and down of fame and success. What makes this memoir a standout for non basic bro’s? It deals with topics bro’s are normally too afraid to admit. Love and relationships are a cornerstone of the book. And Bad boy chef Eddie Huang writes about these topics in a way that makes them relatable. There is also  something in this follow up memoir for everyone. Whether you’re a self confessed foodie, a fan of rap and hip hop culture, or even someone who’s just looking for a fun read, Double Cup Love touches upon a wide variety of topics and culture in a heart warming fun and humble way.  He’s also down with the badasses at VICE.



Miansai Screw Cuff Bracelet

There is no doubt that jewellery is a hard item to gift during the holidays. Everyone and their mother has an opinion about giving jewllery as a gift.  Tell them all to screw off.  The Miansai Screw Cuff bracelet is absolutely crowd pleaser. When it comes to men’s jewellery simple does not equate to basic. Having a gaudy piece around your wrist subtracts more from your outfit than it ads.  The handcrafted bracelet is available in gold and silver and offers an instant upgrade to any wrist. 


Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

One of the most underrated rituals we all partake in is taking a shower. Shower’s are great. Not only do they clean you up,  it’s also been proven it’s where most of our eureka moments happen. Aesop’s Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser is a great gift for anyone who is looking to upgrade their grooming products. The standard drug store shower gel’s that you most of us have been using have us smelling like a typical bro at a college frat party (translation: AXE). The Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser steers away from those musky shower gel’s scents and offers a refreshing scent that is not overpowering.    Bonus: The design-focused packaging will look handsome in your bathroom.