Reading: Valentine’s Day Looks To Make You Fall In Love (With Your Outfit)

Valentine’s Day Looks To Make You Fall In Love (With Your Outfit)

There are always two camps on February 14th. Those that are endlessly flaunting their relationship on instagram stories, and those who are still single who need to log off social media for the day to avoid FOMO. For everyone who is still in on the swipe life, your outfit on cupid’s holiday matters. If you decide to forgo the frozen pizza,  the latest season of Narcos, to venture outside, a top notch outfit is exactly the best form of self care you can enact on Valentine’s day. It’s a signal to anyone around you that you still give a shit. That you haven’t waived the white flag even on your love life. Here are some outfit suggestions for your night out on the most cringe worthy day of the year for singles.

For The First Date

If you are lucky enough to score a first date, your give a shit meter should be extremely high. First date outfits are tricky. You want to wear something that will separate you from the bitcoin is going to bounce back finance bro. But you also don’t want to look as if you’re main objective is to get street styled by a random photographer. Toronto & Vancouver based men’s retailer Neighbor house line of wool sweaters should be more than appropriate. Every fall/winter the shop works with a knitwear company based in Scotland who specializes in producing sweaters using a seamless production technique. The sweaters come in a variety of basic colours but we say opt for the more warmful yellow. You want to send the signal to your date you’re fun without having to humble brag about the last time you bought bottles at the club. Pair this with some looser fitting trousers, some chunky sneakers and your outfit should help you secure a second date.

For The Group Hang

No one wants to be alone on the most romantic day of the year. If you have been invited to pass the fake holiday with fellow singles, dressing on the casual side is the right move. No one in your circle of friends want a one upper, so don’t even think of showing up a suit. One niche menswear trend that that has the potential to become a certified hit is fleece. Yes, the humble fabric without activewear roots has now become the newest rage for menswear nerds. You could opt for the tried and true Patagonia and or North Face fleece, but if you want something with more fashion-y vibes the Dickies Construct OG Mechanic Jacket your should do. They took a workwear silhouette and infused it with a polar fleece fabric and a vibrant pop of pink.  

On The Prowl At the Bar/Club

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If Valentines day really has you in your feelings, and you want to shed your single status ASAP, then your outfit has be on point. Heading to a bar and club on the prowl on the fourteenth means there are other people who want to get in on cuffing season as well. This is a go big or go home scenario. The time to peacock is now. Peacocking does not have to mean wearing something outlandish and ludacris, but it does have to be bold. There is no print that is currently more daring than leopard. Incorporating some into your night out outfit will easily signal that you are ready to mingle without having desperate written on your forehead. Japanese label Wacko Maria offers a leopard mohair sweater that is sure to turn heads. If you want something a little toned down, they also have a vintage inspired shirt with accents of the print.

I’m Going to Try and Meet Someone at a Gym Class

Staying at home and having endless somber Drake songs on repeat is never a good look.

If you feel the need to be more protective both in your love life and physically, attending a group fitness class with other singles is the answer, while every couple in the city is stuffing their face with overpriced pre fixed menus. What you wear to get your sweat on matters in 2019. Wearing a crummy free t-shirt that you won at a work event with worn out sneakers doesn’t exactly give off the vibe that you are approachable.  You also don’t need to be wearing loud athletic gear that makes you look like a wannabe IG influencer who’s all about getting their follower count up. Stick with the basics. This Nike Pro Tech Long sleeve top paired with their latest Epic React Flyknit React 2 sneakers, and shorts of your liking.