Reading: Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Status

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Status

Let’s get this straight. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or getting carpal tunnel on your thumb from swiping left and right on Tinder and Bumble, we can all agree that Valentine’s Day has become a soul-sucking experience that has successfully been monetized by restaurants and PR companies. It’s a cash grab of all sorts trying to make multiple dents in your bank account. You don’t need a specific date to celebrate YOUR relationship. And for those who are single, you don’t need a brand to constantly remind you that you are alone. Valentine’s Day is corny as hell, but when you remove all the cornball connotations that come with it what do you get? A holiday to show that you care. Either for someone or for yourself. That could mean going the extra mile and planning an extravagant night out for your partner, or finally getting outside to try and meet someone IRL. Your appearance on the 14th sets the tone for everything. It’s the initial eye test that you will be judged on let others know that you actually give a fuck. Here are some style recommendations for what to for Valentine’s Day Different for a variety of different dates.

In a committed Relationship “Date Night”

If you’re in a committed relationship for an extended period going on a date with your significant other can feel like you’re just going through the motions. Your partner will most likely judge you by the restaurant or activity you plan, but your outfit will make the initial statement that this night is going to be fucking special. We suggest the turtleneck suit combo. It’s dressy enough but still has a casual enough vibe to show that you aren’t looking corporate. Afterall, spoiling your partner isn’t a job. Finish the look off with a pair of chelsea boots, and you’re off to a great start on Valentine’s day.


The Online Dating Meetup

After you being ghosted a couple of times, and some conversations that went nowhere, you finally found that special someone through the power of your smartphone. When it comes to finally meeting up IRL (in real life) with your Tinder or Bumble crush, there is no fucking around, you have to nail the fit. First impressions mean everything in this world and you want to send a message across the dinner table or bar that you know how to put your shit together when it comes to dressing. New York-based Personal stylist Peter Nguyen recently surveyed a bunch of single women to ask what they want to see their date wear on a first date. The clear favorite? The timeless leather jacket. A motorcycle jacket just has the right amount of swagger that just presents you as a badass, even though you may be not. Keep everything else simple with either a plain button up or hoodie (if you’re going to a casual spot) underneath, and black denim.

No Date But Still Looking

Even though Valentine’s Day usually means a night that is exclusive for couples, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any singles around that are looking to mingle. If you’re heading out that night with friends, and ready looking to meet other fellow singles, it’s time to break out the stuff in your wardrobe you’ve been saving for that special occasion. The adage of look good, feel good still, holds to this day. Putting an outfit together around your favorite pieces, or your latest menswear purchase is a great start. Whether that’s your latest sneaker purchase, or a favorite winter coat or shirt, building around your most prized possession will only have you feeling fresh and confident.