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Volcan Tequila Is Dis(e)rupting The Spirit Category

Truth be told, history does not always excite me much. I’m more concerned about being present (or so my mindfulness podcasts tell me).  But pour me a few ounces of a hand-crafted, ultra-premium tequila like Volcan and suddenly the past becomes not only exceptionally palatable, but desirable. 

When you think of any artisanal product, it summons patience to mind. Craftsmanship can not be rushed, and it just so happens that Volcan tequila has been 200,000 years in the making.  Born from soil fertilized by a prehistoric volcano, Volcan’s two expressions (Blanco and Cristalino) capture a moment in time.  And while terroir is something we typically associate with wine, it’s hard to ignore notes of cherry and white pepper that are present in Volcan tequila, characteristics found in many of the wines from Mount Etna.  Roughly translated, give the lime and salt a much-needed vacation and treat this spirit like the finest Italian wine.  

Volcan was created as a collaboration between Mexico’s prominent Gallardo family and Moët Hennessy. By combining the Gallardo’s knowledge of culture and tradition with Moët Hennessy’s expertise, the resulting tequila is truly worth moving mountains. 

Luxury is not just a product. It’s a quality, identity and feeling. Volcan has been procured and perfected, easily making itself at home amongst the other premium brands in the LVMH portfolio. The dream team tested over 125 expressions before reaching their final blend.  Experimenting with variations of yeast (champagne and rum yeast, instead of the traditional bread yeast), and selecting the best agave from both the highlands (which gives floral notes) and lowlands (which gives herbaceous notes), the resulting tequila is at once complex and smooth. 

It also doesn’t hurt that the bottle looks stunning on your bar cart.  Each bottle is carefully crafted to catch the light and reflect an elegant blue or copper hue that sparkles off the bottle’s volcanic mountain scape.  If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself in the lowlands of Jalisco. 

Volcan Tequila is available in the LCBO and should be a staple for premium socially distanced BBQs.