Reading: How To Wear Sportswear in 2016

How To Wear Sportswear in 2016

You don’t have to follow fashion to know that sportswear has infiltrated menswear for the better part of the past half-decade. It was not too long ago that most of us still had a set of clothes for our nine to five work week, and a separate that was only reserved and worn on the weekend. In 2016, all those rigid unwritten menswear rules don’t apply.

Sportswear has been straight up dominant the past few seasons. It’s kicked Americana to the curb, knocked out workwear, and ready to reign over our wardrobes for years to come. Most of us went all out, swapping blazers and hard bottom shoes for functional tech tights and performance sneakers. Even when (truth be told) we aren’t doing any physical activity whatsoever. For those that are less interested in dressing like Don Draper giving a presentation and more into fusing traditional tailoring pieces with sports inspired staples there is a “right” and a “wrong” way to play the game. Here are some helpful tips on how to maximize your style when you’re trying to channel your inner athlete.

Limit your sportswear pieces to one to two per outfit. 

The most common mistake when it comes to incorporating sports apparel is the need to sprint full speed. Please don’t come decked out in head-to-toe in functional tights and sweat wicking t-shirts. Unless part of your strategy is to be ready to hop in a hot yoga class at a moment’s notice. Limiting sportswear to one or two pieces per outfit is a good indicator that you’re not heading out of bounds. A pair of slim sweats with a chunky cardigan, that’s a solid hit. A hoodie underneath a motorcycle jacket with some toned down sneakers? That’s a home run.

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Mix tailoring with sportswear

Blending tailoring with athletic pieces is one move that will elevate your style game to new heights. Wearing a windbreaker as a inbetween layer under your suit jacket, or a slim pair of sweats with a unconstructed sportcoat are examples of incorporating traditional tailoring alongside sportswear. Merging styles that are on the opposite ends of the style spectrum might get the occasional stare at first. But those giving you the stank eye will be the ones taking cues from how your meshing the two together with such ease.

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Only go full out sportswear when you’re active

There is a time and place for when you want to dress like your favorite professional athlete and that is when you are actually active. In 2016, what you look like when you’re lifting heavy weights, playing beer league hockey, or a pickup basketball game matters. So go ahead and bring out all the stops. Want to feel like Lebron? Put that headband on. Compression tights? Why not? Spend those extra dollars on those performance-based Air Jordans. It all comes down to the look good feel good play. When you put your best foot forward even when you’re not trying to impress anybody, you’re bound to feel better about yourself. And when you feel better about yourself you’re more inclined to kick ass in whatever sport you’re trying to dominate in.

Look for sportswear inspired pieces

If you’re still lukewarm about making the leap a semi-pro athlete, there is still some hope for you. Sportswear these days is not limited to basketball jerseys and shorts. Many designers have taken inspiration from some of our favorite sports teams uniforms and presented them in toned down versions. That means there are no big gaudy logos or embellishments. SO there is no worry that you’ll be looking like a bandwagon jumper.